Friday, May 28, 2010


I cannot tell you how deeply moved we are by the love friends and family have showered upon us. Thank you so very much for everything. We have received hundreds of cards and emails, phone calls, meals, and just plain old love. It feels so good.

We received a letter from the Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates yesterday telling us about Lynne’s donation. Lynne’s left kidney was successfully transplanted into a gentleman from Kentucky who had been on the list since last October. Her right one was successfully transplanted into a lady Kentuckian who also had been waiting since October. Unfortunately, none of her other organs could be used. Perhaps the whole purpose of the trip down here by the Mayo Clinic folks was for me to ask Dr. Rosen about his faith. Hmm.

In one of my earlier postings I spoke of how the Gospel unleashes life from death. I also spoke of how Christ keeps telling us in the New Testament, “See! See! See!”

Lynne’s death has given life to two people in desperate circumstances. See?

I’ll be posting soon on the Broke Down Bible Club. Stay tuned, and God Bless.

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