Friday, May 28, 2010

Caring Bridge – First Entry

Folks, I just got back from hospital. I had the privilege of finishing up the paperwork with the awesome folks at Kentucky Organ Donor Association. As I write, a medical team is en route from the Mayo clinic to harvest Lynne's liver and kidneys. After working all night, the KODA folks found recipients for them.

The kidneys will be dropped off in Louisville, and the liver will be taken to Rochester. Right now, critically ill people who had little hope only a few hours ago are being prepped for surgeries that will save their lives. Imagine their joy, and the joy of their families!

I'll be going back shortly because I will be allowed to go into the surgical suite and observe the harvest. I wouldn't miss it for anything. My sister-in-law, Janice, will be there too.

I weep as I write this. I weep not because of sorrow, but because of joy. We sit in Church Sunday after Sunday hearing the good news of the Gospel. Sometimes this starts to sound dull and repetitive. But what we forget, and what we need to hear more about is the power of the Gospel that has been unleashed upon the Earth. I am seeing it right now. It is the power of the Gospel that is bringing life to people who but a few hours ago had no hope.

Christ keeps saying in the Gospel, "See! See! See!" "He who has ears, listen!"

This morning I tell you, "See!" Behold the power of the Gospel unfolding before our very eyes, where the death of my wife unleashes the power of life in others!

If you have ears, LISTEN!

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